How to Make the Coconut rice dish that everyone loves.

How to Make the Coconut rice dish that everyone loves.

Just when you thought you have had enough of rice, you come across the amazing coconut rice. This amazing dish combines the coolness and fruitiness of the coconut with the earthly tastes of other spices. Coconut rice is a great dish to serve if you are looking to surprise and at the same time impress everyone at the table. Without further ado let us head straight to a recipe for making a great dish of coconut rice and chicken soup.

What you will need

3 cups of Rice

Green peppers


1 Onion bulb

Coconut milk

Red bell peppers

Kidney beans

Green beans

Any preferred chicken part


Sweet Corn

Seasoning cubes (3)


Curry and thyme


Coconut oil

Corn flour

Most of these ingredients can be bought from

How to cook white coconut rice


Wash the rice and bring it to a hard parboil and set it aside.

Extract the coconut milk from the raw coconut using a blender. This is really important because the coconut milk makes all the difference. You can decide to extract the coconut milk at home by yourself or use Dunns Milk coconut milk which you can easily buy on

Cooking the white coconut rice

Put the hard parboiled rice in a pot and add the coconut milk into the rice along with half cup of water and leave to boil for ten minutes before you add in the kidney beans and two pinches of salt and leave to cook until the liquid is absorbed and the rice becomes soft.

Chicken Soup

Preparation: Wash the vegetables (carrot, onions, green peppers, red bell peppers and green beans) and chop them into tiny bits and set them aside. Blend the ginger and set it aside.

Cooking the chicken soup:

Put the chicken part in another pot, add three seasoning cubes, the chopped onions, grounded ginger, dried thyme leaves, curry powder and some salt, cover the pot and put on the medium heat stove to cook.

After 10 minutes, add 2 cup of warm water, some coconut oil, 1 cup of corn flour and sweet corn and cover to cook for another 15 minutes. At this point the chicken is already softened and it is time to add in the chopped vegetables.

Pour in all the chopped vegetables and stir the chicken soup together and leave for another r5 minutes to cook.

The chicken soup should be ready at this point.

Note: the amount of water you add to the chicken soup is dependent on your preference and your taste and so you do not have to strictly follow the 2 cups of water recommended in this recipe.


Serve the dish and enjoy.

Better still enjoy with friends and family. The great thing about coconut rice besides the great taste of course is the shocking texture. Unlike ordinary white rice, white coconut rice has a creamy texture and so some people prefer it served with thick chicken soup, some still do not mind. The great thing is that you can easily alternate the consistency of the soup. Get ready to have an exciting conversation on the dining about this dish, because it is a people pleaser and a conversation starter.

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